Pay Monthly Websites – Get Your Business Online The Easy Way

Get your website online the quick and easy way. no massive charges running into the £1000’s, no long contract, no additional hosting charges, just one clear simple monthly charge.

BB8 Design specialises in pay monthly websites helping small and medium businesses get themselves online with no risk. These days customers expect your business to be online and by either not being online or having a poorly designed site you are turning custom away.

How You Stand to Save from Pay Monthly Web Design

You have the killer business idea, you have the well-planned business model, and you have the product or service lined up and ready to sell. You’re on the road to success already. But you’re missing one key element to selling online—the website itself. Opening a new online business can be difficult (and expensive!) to say the least. With plans starting at just £19 you can have professionally designed webpages that will be up and running in less than 2 weeks at a fraction of the cost with one of our specialist pay monthly websites.


Read what our customers have to say!

We Love Our Site!

Our website from BB8 Design was perfect for our needs. We were able to get a full eCommerce site for a fraction of the cost we would have been charged elsewhere!

James / PokeStore

Can’t Believe The Price!

I can’t believe we got a full online shop for only £30 a month!

Dan / The Bloke Cave

Very Efficient!

Really pleased with the website/shop that Daniel has built for me. would happily reccomend BB8 Design to anyone.

Jamie / Inbrico UK

Wait! There’s More…

Free Professional Email Address

Customers look favourably upon businesses that have professional email addresses. When your email address ends in or or any other domain that isn’t yours, your customers take notice.

Web Hosting Included

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, web hosting is one of the most confusing parts about trying to get your website off the ground. For anyone who doesn’t work in computer science, web developing, or any closely related fields the technical jargon can be overwhelming. How do you know you’re getting the best web hosting deal? And do you have enough time while you’re running your business to research what every single one of those computer terms or acronyms mean as well as why they’re important for your website’s performance?

Free Website Redesign Every 2 Years

As time goes on and your business grows and you may find that you want to take your business in a different direction. Your product and service offerings may have expanded and though your website is up to date in content, you may want to revamp the existing design to fit the new vision you have in mind for your venture. Typically, web development packages often include only one design per website and if you want to work with that company or webmaster again, you’re looking at a repeat of whatever cost you paid the first time if the price hasn’t increased since then.

In short, you get a lot for your money with a pay monthly website. With no risks, no startup costs, free domain names and web hosting, and everything else you get with each BB8 Design pay monthly websites package gets you a lot of value for a website that could have cost you thousands. Plans start at just £19 a month and include everything you need to get your business off to a profitable start.

Pay Monthly E-commerce Websites

Want to get your shop online? We have the perfect plan for you! Our e-commerce plan includes a fully functioning website created using WordPress and woo commerce.

These websites feature numerous payment providers including PayPal and Stripe allowing you to take payments from anyone.

Check out our e-commerce plan here