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The Internet Now Contributes 10% of UK GDP

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The Internet Now Contributes 10% of UK GDP


GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is said to be an indicator used to measure the health of a country’s economy. It is the total money value of all goods and services produced over a specific period of time.

Among the G20 countries, the United Kingdom internet economy is has been recorded to be the largest as a proportion of GDP. The UK digital economy includes “Internet-related government spending, sales of internet related devices, online retailing, IT and telecommunication investments. The internet is known to be UK’s second largest contributor, surpassing both the manufacturing and retail sectors, at 10% of Gross Domestic Product which is a larger percentage compared to other G20 countries.

In over two decades, the Internet as you know it has evolved from a network for scientists and geeks to an everyday reality for billions of people. And while the Internet’s influence has also eliminated some jobs, it creates about 2.7 jobs for every one destroyed. It’s been recorded that Companies using the Internet with high intensity grow twice as rapidly as low-intensity Web companies, trade twice as much as they do, and generate more than twice as many jobs.

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