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How You Stand to Save from a Monthly Pay Website

You have the killer business idea, you have the well-planned business model, and you have the product or service lined up and ready to sell. You’re on the road to success already. But you’re missing one key element to selling online—the website itself. Opening a new online business can be difficult (and expensive!) to say the least. With plans starting at just £19 you can have professionally designed web pages that will be up and running in less than 2 weeks at a fraction of the cost.

With a monthly pay website from BB8 Design you’ll enjoy…

  • No Startup Costs
  • No Risk
  • Your Site is Always Up-to-date
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Professional Email Address
  • Web Hosting Included

…all for just one low monthly payment.

While these things sound good enough on the surface, there may be a lot more benefits to each one of these included features than you think. Let’s start with the biggest deterrent for most small to medium businesses—startup costs.

No Startup Costs

After jumping through all the hoops to legalise your business and paying all the relevant fees, the expenses related to starting your very own business venture add up quickly. Between buying the domain name, buying an email forwarding service for professional emails, and paying a web developer to not only build the website but to design it as well you’re looking at an even deeper hole in your pocket. Taking the next step to build your online presence can be rather expensive without the right tools or web management team to back you. With no start-up costs from BB8 Design, you can get to doing what you love quicker with a fully functional website that didn’t break the bank in the process since the lowest plan starts at only £19/month.

No Risk

Hiring a webmaster to develop your website is essentially a hit or miss. Do you go for the cheaper web developer and risk buying a sub par website or do you deplete your savings account for a more seasoned web developer? What about online scams that offer you amazing websites at prices that are too good to be true only to be left with shell web pages after they’ve run off with your investment? BB8 Design offers a no risk guarantee to protect your money and your business. Some web development services ask for a long-term commitment and hefty payment up front that to limit your ability to change your mind. And since each all-inclusive plan is paid monthly, you have even more freedom and flexibility to protect your website and your wallet.

Your Site is Always Up-to-date

Free updates are included in each of the low-cost monthly plans offered by BB8 Design. Often, web developers give you the things you need to start off with and leave you with three options. You either:

(a) Pay additional fees for monthly web maintenance and updates

(b) You are offered maintenance for a short amount of time after you buy or

(c) You aren’t offered them at all and you should figure the rest out yourself

Again, the whole process can wind up being rather expensive and for all the money you pay it’s more than reasonable to expect that you get the most bang for your buck. Learning how to manage the technical aspects of your online business’s website isn’t a bad thing. It is, however, time-consuming and you risk long down times if you make erroneous changes to your website’s configuration or code. BB8 Design not only builds and designs your website, they manage it too for the life of your subscription. You can avoid long down times and be combing over the foreign looking code for a flat monthly rate as low as £19.

Free Domain Name

Your domain name is essentially your website’s virtual address. Visitors should be able to access the domain name easily and most importantly it should coincide closely with the name of your actual business. Depending on your desired domain name and whether or not it’s been occupied before and by whom, the prices of domains can be higher than $10,000. Even after purchasing your domain you need to remember to renew it every year and you can expect the second year to be more expensive than the first. This is because domain providers often offer you an introductory price to buy the domain the first time. Forgetting to renew your domain name for even a day can cause you to lose that name completely and give all of your hard earned brand traffic to the new domain owner. BB8 Design offers you a free domain name with each plan and automatically renews your domain for you every year so you never have to worry about the additional cost of domain purchasing or losing your online traffic to someone else.

Free Professional Email Address

Customers look favourably upon businesses that have professional email addresses. When your email address ends in or or any other domain that isn’t yours, your customers take notice. For a more professional and put together brand image, it is recommended that you get a professional email address that lets your customers know that your business is a serious one. As part of your package with BB8 Design, you get a free professional email address that matches your website’s domain for a flawless and cohesive brand image.

Web Hosting Included

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, web hosting is one of the most confusing parts about trying to get your website off the ground. For anyone who doesn’t work in computer science, web developing, or any closely related fields the technical jargon can be overwhelming. How do you know you’re getting the best web hosting deal? And do you have enough time while you’re running your business to research what every single one of those computer terms or acronyms mean as well as why they’re important for your website’s performance? While web hosting in itself isn’t typically expensive, your hosting services may require you buy a package for at least a year before they agree to host your website. This locks you in to a long-term contract whether you’re happy with the performance or not. With BB8’s Design’s free web hosting as part of any monthly payment plan, you can cut through the tech talk and avoid restrictive commitments.

Free Website Redesign Every 2 Years

As time goes on and your business grows and you may find that you want to take your business in a different direction. Your product and service offerings may have expanded and though your website is up to date in content, you may want to revamp the existing design to fit the new vision you have in mind for your venture. Typically, web development packages often include only one design per website and if you want to work with that company or webmaster again, you’re looking at a repeat of whatever cost you paid the first time if the price hasn’t increased since then. BB8 Design offers free website redesigns every two years (if requested) for as low as £19 for the life of your business. They reward your customer loyalty with thousands of pounds worth of savings. Each design is custom made for you based on your wants and expectations for the business.

Easily Upgrade As Your Business Grows: E-commerce options

BB8 Design has three all-inclusive packages that feature everything above for every package including the Basic for £19. The E-commerce package (£29.99) and the Advanced Package (£49.00) have even more features like e-commerce capability for websites that intend to sell online directly through their website. If you’re fortunate enough to find that your business has grown and needs more pages than just the 3 pages offered in the Basic plan, you can easily upgrade to a bigger package that gives you even more pages for a single monthly fee.

In short, you get a lot for your money. With no risks, no start-up costs, free domain names and web hosting, and everything else you get with each BB8 Design package you get a lot of value for a website that could have cost you thousands. Plans start at just £19 a month and include everything you need to get your business off to a profitable start.


You can view the Pay Monthly Website packages here


Contributor: Jessica Gervais

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What is SEO? And do I really need it?

The short answer: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and yes—you absolutely do! With consumers’ growing reliance on search engines like Google to connect them to products and services, search engine optimization is more than just a trendy tool for your business, it’s a necessity.

What does SEO mean?

Search Engine Optimization is essentially how you drive customers to your website or blog without paying the search engine to do so. With the right SEO implementation, you can optimize your website to show up higher in Google’s search results. Google, Bing, Yahoo! and all the others have mathematical algorithms that use a series of interrelated factors to determine relevancy and popularity to the search inquiry. This is how they determine which websites, blogs, and other links end up in their primary search results. The higher your position in the search results (called “rank”) the better your chances are of someone clicking on your website or buying your product or service.

The traffic you’ve gained from SEO is organic without the help of paid ads or marketing packages. If you’re familiar with searching for information on an online search engine, you know just how important it is to end up on the first page since most people rarely get to the second-page results. Good SEO implementation means you’re getting decent results without having to pay for them per click. Of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay for ads at all. Let’s take a look at paid and unpaid ads and how they affect ranking.

Rank higher in search results

Once entered an inquiry into your favourite search engine you’ll be taken to a results page in a fraction of a second. During that time, the search engine has scoured the internet looking for relevant answers to your query. The results page is broken up into three sections:

  1. Paid ads to the side of the page
  2. Paid ads directly below the search bar that look like regular search results. There are usually 2 to 4 of these ads that have the word “sponsored” or “ad” next to them.
  3. The rest of the results ranked by SEO

Bing, Yahoo!, and Google will all obviously give greater priority to companies that have paid to be featured on the search pages. The search engines get paid based on how many people click it (a topic for another article). Immediately after those results is when the importance of SEO kicks in. A highly search engine optimized website or blog will show up immediately after paid ads which are still very high on the page. Every result after the first one is more or less deemed by the search engine to be less relevant to the query and so is ranked a little lower. Generally speaking, the lower the listing, the less SEO optimized it is for that particular search query.

What do search engines look for? Relevancy, Trust, and Authority.

Viewers typically will click on the first link that seems to be the most relevant to them (which is why paid ads are so valued) but are highly likely to scroll through the first page and pick one of the higher results. Those results are ranked that way primarily because of quality, trust, and authority.


Now Google isn’t reading every single article and critiquing its content for quality writing. It is, however, using algorithms to measure how relevant your web page is to the query. Keywords are a great way to measure the relevancy of your article and an excellent starting point to determine the quality of your content. Good quality content that’s relevant to what people are looking for is key for SEO ranking and repeat visitors.


Is your website trust worthy? Google actually enforces a penalty system to websites that have bad ratings or prove to be unreliable in other ways. This protects both the searchers and Google from bad, untrustworthy content. Google gets to maintain its brand image of providing good, pertinent results for its searchers and the searchers directly benefit from getting answers they can have faith in from a search engine they trust. If a search engine kept promoting bad, “spammy” websites every time you searched for something how often would you use it?


People want to hear from people and organizations that know what they’re talking about. Is your website viewed as an authority on the topic? Do other websites link to yours when referencing information? Getting a respected authority site to link you or building your own fan base that keeps coming back is a great way to have search engines rank you higher in the authority factor.

SEO is a complex subject that has hundreds of factors that determine how websites are presented. These main points are key in understanding SEO basics and implementing even just a few of these concepts can make a world of difference in your company’s online traffic.

Contributor: Jessica Gervais

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The Internet Now Contributes 10% of UK GDP


GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is said to be an indicator used to measure the health of a country’s economy. It is the total money value of all goods and services produced over a specific period of time.

Among the G20 countries, the United Kingdom internet economy is has been recorded to be the largest as a proportion of GDP. The UK digital economy includes “Internet-related government spending, sales of internet related devices, online retailing, IT and telecommunication investments. The internet is known to be UK’s second largest contributor, surpassing both the manufacturing and retail sectors, at 10% of Gross Domestic Product which is a larger percentage compared to other G20 countries.

In over two decades, the Internet as you know it has evolved from a network for scientists and geeks to an everyday reality for billions of people. And while the Internet’s influence has also eliminated some jobs, it creates about 2.7 jobs for every one destroyed. It’s been recorded that Companies using the Internet with high intensity grow twice as rapidly as low-intensity Web companies, trade twice as much as they do, and generate more than twice as many jobs.

Did you know that there are over two billion internet users in the world? And most these internet users review product information before purchase. This is part of the reasons why you should take your business to the next level; online marketing. It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small when your company comes up on one of the popular searches; you will get the opportunity to connect with real potential and existing customers. This is what makes online presence very essential in any business. An online presence can take any form; Social media, Emailing, Website etc.

With the world going online, having a website for your business becomes essential if you really plan on keeping up with your competitors. This advancement gives your clients access to extensive information and also gives them the chance to leave their feedbacks about a product. When establishing a website for your business, you could either do it yourself or employ a company to do it for you, either way, the website should portray professionalism and made simple so a client could easily access it.